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Your home is your pride and joy and deserves to look like it. Your home’s curb appeal drops dramatically when it has a buildup of mold, mildew, algae, and dirt on its siding. Not to mention, these elements can cause lasting damage, such as stains that can’t be removed, faded side panels, and weakened materials. Take care of your house and let its beauty shine for years to come by scheduling professional pressure washing services.

Exterior Home Cleaning in Summerville, SC

When your home’s exterior looks dingy, you can rely on our pressure washing services in Summerville, SC, to clean it up. Unlike high-pressure washing, our soft washing methods do not damage your siding, windows, porch, deck, gutters, or roofing system. Instead, soft washing uses a gentle stream of water (similar to the power behind your garden hose) and an eco-friendly cleaning formula to boost the appearance of your home’s exterior and prevent lasting stains. Most importantly, you can always trust our team to use non-toxic exterior home cleaning detergents that are safe for you, your kids, pets, and vegetation. This means you can achieve a clean home without causing severe harm.

Exterior Home Cleaning in Summerville, SC

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Our Pressure Washing Process

When you hire Carolina Green Steam, we will effectively eliminate organic growth and dirt from your home with the use of safe cleaning solutions and soft washing methods.

This prevents damage to vinyl, painting, windows, shutters, and gutters.
Before we begin the process of pressure washing/soft washing, our team will evaluate the needs of your home’s exterior and carefully choose the proper method and solutions for your home.

No matter if you live in Dorchester County, Berkeley County, or Charleston County, we will get your house looking sparkly clean once again.

What Our Clients Say...

With humidity levels and temperatures climbing so high here in Summerville, your home’s siding is susceptible to the growth of algae, bacteria, and microorganisms. When this nasty stuff is paired with dirt and grime caused by changing seasons and the elements, you’re left with an embarrassingly dirty house. Fortunately, you can count on our home soft washing services to remove everything from dirt and grime to bacteria and algae.

Our team will properly clean and sanitize your property using low-pressure washing services, which are safe for a variety of siding types, including vinyl. You can trust we will only use siding soft washing chemicals that are biodegradable, low VOC, and water-based to keep your family and property safe.

While you’re pressure washing your Summerville, SC, home or business, consider having your curbs cleaned as well. You can quite literally boost your curb appeal by blasting away dirt from your curbs. Whether your curbs are covered in tire marks, mold, mildew, or dirt, our curb pressure washing services can restore your curbs to a similar condition as when you first moved into the house or building.

Other Cleaning Services We Specialize In

Pressure washing from our Summerville, SC, technicians ensures the exterior of your home is in pristine condition. But what about your home’s interior? You can make the inside of your house as inviting as the outside by hiring our team to keep it sparkly clean. If you live in Dorchester County, Berkeley County, or Charleston County, reach out to our specialists for any of the following services:

Make Your House Shine With Home Soft Washing Services

When it’s time to scrub your home’s exterior, trust our trained and certified pressuring washing professionals in Summerville, SC, to give your home the best cleaning EVER. Get in touch with our soft washing specialists today!