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Most people consider their dogs, cats, or other pets to be members of the family. And just like your family members, especially the youngest ones, they sometimes make a mess in your home. Pet urine or odor on carpets or furniture can cause a lingering and unpleasant scent in your home, and once a spot is marked, you already know that your pet is likely to return to that spot to mark it again.

If you’ve tried to solve the problem of pet urine or odor on carpets in your home, you’re probably used to disappointment. Our customers have frequently tried all of the pet odor treatments for carpets they can think of to no avail. Unfortunately, many pet odor treatments for carpets that are sold in big-box stores are relatively ineffective.

Carolina Green Steam provides pet odor treatments in the Summerville, South Carolina, area.”

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Stop trying to find a nonexistent miracle in a bottle! When you need effective, professional, and safe pet odor treatments in Summerville, SC, Carolina Green Steam will be there ASAP. We serve all of Dorchester County, as well as Charleston County and Berkeley County. 

It is almost impossible to completely remove urine from carpet padding with commercially available products. Without professional expertise and equipment, your stains are still there in some form. At Carolina Green Steam, our pet odor treatments in Summerville, SC, are created using the proper enzymes and equipment to completely eliminate any sign of your pet’s accident.


Here’s a step-by-step guide to what happens when you book our pet odor treatments in Summerville, SC:


  • We start by using our UV detection system to find and mark all affected areas.
  • Then, we follow it up with a moisture detection meter. This informs our expertly-trained technicians how much urine is in the padding.
  • We also check to see if the accident could have reached the sub-floor and caused damage.
  • Next, we mix together a solution and enzyme that attacks the urine bacteria and urine salts at a molecular level.
  • We apply the treatment and remove any trace of the mess from your carpet!

Another one of our popular pet odor treatments in Summerville, SC, is dealing with furniture that pets have damaged. If you’ve ever tried to do DIY pet urine removal from furniture, you know it’s even more frustrating than cleaning pet urine from your carpets! Furniture, especially upholstered furniture, needs specialized upholstery cleaning with the right products in order to get fully clean without being damaged by any harsh chemicals. We will restore that favorite armchair or expensive couch back to looking and smelling fresh and clean!

Our Other Services

In addition to pet odor treatments in Summerville, SC, we also offer these other services throughout Berkeley County, Charleston County, and Dorchester County:

You can make your home clean and sparkling once again — all you need to do is call Carolina Green Steam today! We hope to hear from you soon and can answer any questions you may have.