Carpet & Upholstery Protection in Summerville, SC

No matter how careful you are with your carpet or furniture, as the months and years go by, accidents are bound to happen. The difference between a removable spot and a permanent stain is as simple as a protective barrier on your carpet or upholstery. However, not many people know about their options when it comes to upholstery or carpet protectors. At Carolina Green Steam, we’re here to change that with our carpet and upholstery protection in Summerville, SC, local throughout all of Dorchester County as well as Berkeley and Charleston County!

When you invest your hard-earned money in professional carpet or upholstery protection services with Carolina Green Steam, you’re investing long-term in the life of your carpet and furniture. Our professional carpet and upholstery protection services are not just okay or good at protecting your home — they provide real, lasting, hardworking carpet and upholstery protection that will last for years to come. PLUS when you pay to get your carpets or upholstery protected with Carolina Green Steam we will provide you with a 12 month spot and spill warranty! If you spill something you cant get out of your carpet by soaking it up with a towel we will come back and remove it.. Free of charge!

As part of our standard carpet and upholstery protection in Summerville, SC, we will gladly install carpet protectors to keep your carpet looking new for years! Carpet protectors help to repel stains and spills, and the protective layer created by a carpet protector makes spots much easier to clean. These protectors work so well because they keep the stains from fully penetrating the carpet fibers. They also help preserve the texture of your carpet.


When the fibers are protected with a barrier, they will be far less susceptible to wear and tear. That’s because the protector prevents the abrasive dirt particles from fully penetrating into the individual threads. Thanks to an advanced layer of defense against dirt and other wear and tear, the threads won’t break down prematurely.

Upholstery protectors are similar to carpet protectors, keeping your upholstered furniture from dirt and damage. If you have a lot of upholstered pieces in your home, upholstery protectors are a fantastic investment to keep your furniture looking great.

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Why Choose Us For Carpet and Upholstery Protection in Summerville, SC?

There are many other local companies in the Dorchester County area, as well as nearby Charleston and Berkeley County, that promise to take care of your furniture and upholstery. However, we have an edge over the competition that we think sets us apart. Here’s what makes Carolina Green Steam different:

We are firefighter-owned and operated and dedicated to not just the cleanliness of our community but its health and safety as well.

We know a thing or two about cleaning — we bring over ten years of experience in the field of commercial and residential cleaning solutions to the table.

Our eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning treatments are safe for children and pets in your home.

We offer prompt, friendly, and professional service — guaranteed. We’re dedicated to more than just your satisfaction — we strive for getting you excited about your home again!

Multiple Cleaning Options

You can choose more than just our carpet and upholstery protection in Summerville, SC, because we also offer:

When You Want Clean, Call Carolina Green Steam!

The choice is clear: whether you’re in search of carpet and upholstery protection in Summerville, SC, or another cleaning service, only Carolina Green Steam can tackle any size cleaning project with safe, effective solutions. We’ll make that stain or mess look like it never happened. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll work our cleaning magic in your home ASAP!