How To Get Halloween Candy Out of the Carpet

Cute little girl with pumpkin candy bucket wearing Halloween costume at home

Halloween is a fun and exciting holiday. However, it can also be a hectic day — and lead to a few unforeseen events. If your little trick-or-treaters chomped down on their candy on the night of Halloween, you might have woken up the next morning to an unexpected stain on your beautiful, clean carpet.

Why Some Carpet Stains Keep Coming Back — and What You Can Do About Them

a stubborn stain that keeps coming bac on the carpet.

Carpet stains are one of the most annoying things homeowners have to worry about with their beautiful carpets. They aren’t as easy to clean as a stain on a wood floor and are much more noticeable than the stains you see on your carpets. There are a few explanations for why your carpet stains keep […]

How Often Should I Have My Carpets Cleaned?

rugs being professionally steam cleaned by a Carolina Green Steam technician

Keeping your home clean is essential, and as part of your home cleaning process for various upholstery fabrics, you probably have cleaning your carpets as one of your featured chores. But how often should you clean your carpets, and how do you go about doing so?  Carpets are easy enough to be vacuumed but usually […]