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Why Summerville Trusts Carolina Green Steam

Every homeowner wants to have their homes be the epitome of cleanliness and be somewhere they are proud to show their guests. As your carpets, upholstery, tiles, and more see more use and get dirtier, it can feel tempting to call in a cleaning company that uses the strongest chemicals in the business to get the job done. However, having a full suite of cleaning detergents does not necessarily mean it’s the cleanest — or safest — option for your home.

The Carolina Green Steam team has worked diligently to do things a different way. Our steam cleaning service in Summerville, SC, specializes in treating homes from top to bottom with the most environmentally friendly supplies. Our approach doesn’t use toxic cleaning chemicals to outwork our competition. Our green-certified cleaning solutions provide our customers with the peace of mind that their dirty carpets and tiles are getting treated with products that won’t leave a lasting negative impression.

We offer our customers a wide range of steam cleaning services in Summerville, SC, including:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Pet Odor Removal Treatment

Our Story

When creating Carolina Green Steam, we wanted to create a company that benefited our community. Everyone needs their carpets, upholstery, and tiles cleaned — but there weren’t any ‘green’ specialists in the area. So not only do we provide the best carpet cleaning in Summerville — we provide the healthiest solution, too! 

With over 10 years of experience, we started this company to make people happier in their homes — and doing so with green-certified cleaning solutions. Our environmentally-friendly solutions aren’t only better for the environment, but they create a healthier home for families as well. 

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Carpet Cleaning Services in Summerville, SC

One of our highest-demand steam cleaning services in Summerville, SC, is for your carpets. Whether you have pets, kids, or general foot traffic going over them, your home’s floors can get dirty in a hurry. Instead of relying on your vacuum to do most of the heavy lifting, our expert cleaning technicians can easily handle the job.

Our carpet cleaning services in Summerville, SC, utilize the safest cleaning agents available that don’t negatively affect the environment or your home. We eschew using the “strongest chemicals” in the industry due to the potential long-term health hazards that some of these chemicals can have on people. By using our green-certified products, we ensure your carpets get cleaned responsibly.

Upholstery Cleaning Services in Summerville, SC

Your furniture’s upholstery is often one of the first things people notice when they walk into your home. Clean furniture helps emphasize the aesthetics of your space and draw attention to the design flourishes you put hard work into making a focal point. Keeping your upholstery free of stains, odors, and more will help keep your home’s first impression a good one, and our steam cleaning services in Summerville, SC, are ready to help.

Our upholstery cleaning services in Summerville, SC, help identify the areas of your furniture that need the most attention and give them the deep cleaning they need. With the right cleaning service, you can quickly breathe new life into your tired couches, chairs, and loveseats. Our team uses our truck-mounted steaming equipment to give your upholstery the thorough deep refresh it desperately needs.

Tiled floors offer kitchens and bathrooms unique flooring solutions that help contrast with the rest of your hardwood or carpeted home. However, these stylistic choices present new cleaning challenges that cannot be ignored — namely, grout. Over time, the water, cement, and sand mixture used to keep your tiled floors in place can lose their luster and become a haven for bacterial growth. Instead of letting it go unchecked, let our team handle the job!

Our tile and grout cleaning service in Summerville, SC, has helped countless customers deal with increasingly dirty floors, bacteria, and mold growth quickly and efficiently. We know how to get into the deepest crevices and deliver the deep-seated clean that your tiled floors need now and again.

Pet Odor Removal Treatments in Summerville, SC

Pets bring a renewed sense of warmth, love, and cuddliness into our homes that may have been lacking. Conversely, they also bring dander, stains, and funky odors to which you can become nose blind over time. Instead of learning to live with the smell, give your home the pet odor removal treatments in Summerville, SC, that they deserve!

We know that you need a cleaning company that considers your pet’s long-term health when choosing what kind of chemicals to use. Our green-certified products won’t leave behind harmful chemicals affecting your pet’s lungs and immune system. You can rest assured that our steam-cleaning solutions won’t harm your furry or feathered friends — just remove the funky odor that signifies their love and affection.

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Commonly known as “The Flower Town in the Pines,” Summerville, SC, is one of the most beautiful areas in the state. Laid out across Dorchester, Berkeley, and Charleston counties, you want your home to reflect the area’s beauty — that’s where we can help. Carolina Green Steam has provided expert steam cleaning services in Summerville, SC, for over ten years. Come see the difference with our green-certified cleaning supplies today!

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