Lets Debunk Some Carpet Cleaning Myths

Over the years we have encountered many clients that have been given incorrect advice, we are here to debunk some of the most common carpet cleaning myths.


The #1 Myth that we hear is that Cleaning your carpet will cause the carpets to get dirty faster.

We hear this myth from our carpet cleaning clients the most. While this myth is not 100% wrong there is some missing context behind it, Allow me to explain..

Most often we see this issue come about when a client has previously hired a Dry/Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Company or a low priced Steam Cleaning Company that utilizes inferior detergents.

Low priced, Dry & Low Moisture carpet cleaning leaves soapy residue behind. Those soapy detergents can attract dirt at a quicker rate. Here at Carolina Green Steam we use 100% Non-Toxic and Residue Free Cleaning solutions. These solutions are 4x the price of the standard cleaning solutions sold to many of our local competitors, But we don’t care. We set out from Day 1 to only use the Safest and Best cleaning solutions available.


Myth #2

Steam Cleaning companies will leave your carpets soaking wet for DAYS!


This is one of the myths that we hear that gets under our skin the most. This myth was created by the Low Moisture and Dry Cleaning Industry in an attempt to scare clients away from using Hot water extraction ( Steam Cleaning ) Companies. There are bad apples in the hot water extraction industry that provide sub par cleaning with sub par equipment and rush through jobs in an attempt to make more profit, in this case the claims of leaving carpets soaking wet for days may be true. However, when you hire a PROFESSIONAL steam cleaning company we are able to provide a cleaning that is unmatched in terms of soil removal and dry times.


Myth #3

You should wait until your carpet looks dirty before cleaning it.


This myth costs homeowners thousands of dollars a year when they have to replace their carpeting due to irreversible damage.

Not only is carpet made to hide dirt but you see your carpet every single day, you wouldn’t notice it gradually darkening with dirt over time, Besides if you wait until it is visibly dirty the dirt and grime could have already caused irreversible damage to the carpet fibers.

Think of it like this.

Most of the carpet manufactured today is polyester. This carpet is primarily plastic. When you track dirt in the carpet fibers hold onto it. Think of it as sandpaper, as you walk across the carpet you are rubbing the dirt against the fiber which is causing it to scratch and wear out. The more this is done the more damage it causes. This damage is unable to be reversed. The best way to combat this is to vacuum your carpet regularly and have your carpet professionally steam cleaned once or twice a year depending on if you have children or pets.


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3 Silly Myths about carpet cleaning

3 Silly Myths about carpet cleaning